Wednesday, November 2, 2011

House prices in Luxembour continue to rise

property market news today - House prices in Luxembour continue to rise : House prices in Luxembourg have been rising since the second half of 2009, after almost two years of house price falls, with lower interest rates boosting demand.

The average apartment price rose 2.12% during the second quarter, and is 6.73% up on the same quarter last year, at €3,896 per square metre (sq. m.)., according to Observatoire de L’ Habitat. Year-on-year, prices are higher both for existing flats (6.73%) and for apartments under construction (5.27%).

House sale prices rose 4.24% (0.68% inflation-adjusted) during the year to end-Q2 2011, according to the Ministere du Logement.

Most mortgage loans in Luxembourg are variable rate, making the housing market sensitive to interest rate changes. As of September 2011, the harmonized long-term interest rate stood at 2.27%, down from 2.59% the previous month, according to the European Central Bank ( ECB).

In Q2 2011, the volume of real estate sales rose by almost €7 million, 8.5% up on the previous quarter. Demand for apartments remains strong, thanks to continued economic recovery. The economy is expected to expand by 4% in 2011.

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